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How DDIP help the people to transform digitally?

DDIP is the famous Digital Marketing Internship Program. Many people preferred this program to learn how to transform their work digitally, from my point of view, it is not only about Digital Marketing but the transformation of communication.

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As we are in Digital Age, it is very important to transform the communication into Digital Communication that helps in numerous ways. It will help us to create a healthy online habits, make us to follow healthy online habits. Helping the students to find out the good courses and tutors in online.

Helping the job seekers to become self-employed or finding the job in the right place and growth in their career.

Helping the Entrepreneurs to get good business opportunities and creating healthy business community.

Helping the Professional to expand their with their clients, customers, prospects whatever the term may be.

Even the Home Makers (All rounder) can learn to guide others in online platform, Social media and increase your value at home.

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Let me come to my story

I am a DD Intern in Batch5, for each batch there is a name, our group name is DDTroopers, in our team many Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Educators, Programmers, Students and different category of business people are there.

We converted the pandemic time as a growth hacking time, break ups and benefits, especially their job loosing time as job lifting time.

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In DDIP Batch we had 12 weeks Cash Back assignments + 4 weeks No cash back Bonus Assignments. First week starts from success mind set, last week ends mind set to take the power in hand. In the words itself you may realize what kind of he might have given for us to work with the Internship Program.

Cashback Assignments

Week1 : Success Mindset

Week2 : Marketing Fundamentals

Week3 : Discovering your profitable Niche

Week4 : Creating your WordPress Blog

Week5 : Becoming the King of the Content

Week6 : Social Media and Networking Mastery

Week7 : Lead Generation and Email Marketing

Week8 : Mastering Facebook Ads

Week9 : Mastering Google Ads

Week10 : Search Engine Optimization

Week11 : Deep Marketing Automation

Week12 : The Natural sales Method

No cashback but Growth Oriented

BonusWeek1 :  Copy writing
BonusWeek2 :  Personal Branding
BonusWeek3 :  Freelancing
BonusWeek4 :  Digital Mentoring

And Weekly Webinar’s for Doubt Clarification also available.

Modifications and updations are expected in the future Batches. Please don’t feel indifferent, when you meet changes when you attend the Internship Program. Definitely, i can assure you, “you will get more and not less in any way”. Because he will be redefining everything according to the need of the people.

It will not only giving the knowledge about your Niche but also the wide range of other Niches. What are the difficulties they are facing in their Niche. What kind of work will support the particular Niche. How they can take their idea to the people and reach more number of customers in their Business.

You have the opportunity to communicate with others and understand their difficulties in their business, it will give you good lesson so that you will not burn your finger.

He strongly support the concept of learning by doing, his marketing strategies will ensure that, his strong advice to the interns first earn the knowledge in Digital Marketing then think about earning money.

Come to serve the people, get the money as the by product of your service. That doesn’t mean you cannot earn, it means your earning depends on your service. Then only we need to switch on with the major concern like Creating Agency. Performance marketing first, creating Agency next.

Grow from small to high, don’t fall from high to small. Because He is a Performer not a Dreamer.

In our Internship Program Ms. Kamna Jain did that work in the great way. Sometimes questions will arise from the people side to test her patience. She approached her work very professionally and won many hearts.

Krishna always used to support us whenever there was a problem for interns due to natural calamities. As we have gathered beyond the geographical location, we were facing some network issues because of different areas facing different problems. He helped the with his constant support and also aabathpandhava for us. Hi Krishna, All the best for your Operations in the learntoday Platform.

Friends are the most beautiful gift from GOD. In our team many people provide self less service and guidance for another. That’s the most beautiful moment in the community, which makes the people to work with motivation and drove them to complete each assignment successfully.

Preeti, Ramya, Keerthana J, Unnati, Mirthula, Suranjana, Keerthu, Sasmitha, Reema karnick, Pooja, Divya and Virendra vyas, Tanveer, Newton, Jobin Joseph and many more

DMAT Exam Conducted, attending this exam is mandatory for getting the certificate.

Suranjana, Mahesh and one more are the Toppers in our Team

Hey i forgot to say

Who is this DD?

DD’s name is Deepak Kanakaraju(DK), he who is a civil engineer turned Digital Marketer through his love for bikes. DK is the human and DD is his mastermind ROBOT. He is also a Bikerider and created his first website for providing advices to the people about the bikes.

Author of the book “Edge of Sanity”. CEO of PixelTrack Pvt Ltd. Created the Community called Digital Marketing Club.

If you are looking for his internship program, happy to hear your decision. Don’t look for the Internship Program but for a good Mentor and Coach. Go through the reviews given by the people, how much people are happy with their job, life and their transformation.

It is also a e-seva for the country to transform the people with their own willingness and acceptance.

It is not a easy job to create such program, when i try to create a course, even if i understood it is difficult, i realized the difficulties in the more prominent way. Online is little bit complex way. But no other go for us, we are in a position to adopt it.

Some times people may feel hard when they come across some problems, in another way it will give you immense knowledge for your future. So don’t feel disguised, be ready to meet the challenge.

Learn with Patience create some elegance in your work.

Learn Digital marketing with a very good cash back Internship program, that is DigitalDeepak’s Internship Program

If you feel i am exaggerating, then refer Jainishsha, who is neither in DD’s Team nor a DD Intern but following him for his matermind.

In simple words it is about fishing, not eating the fish.


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