The most important asset you should always possess with “YOU”.

That will show the path to set right your way towards your desired destination. It is the state of mind you should maintain throughout your life. In fact it is the life of every one. Until people have the self-confidence, they will never feel the pain or failures.

Selfconfidence is an attitude about your skills and abilities. It means you accept and trust yourself and have a sense of control in your life. You know your strengths and weakness well, and have a positive view of yourself. You set realistic expectations and goals, communicate assertively, and can handle criticism.

How to maintain the SELF CONFIDENCE?

Through Positive thinking, analyzing the possibility to reach your goal, being self-motivated, maintaining the communication with the like minded people who will help you, improve you and develop your skill in your business journey. Develop the sense of ” I CAN DO IT”

Thought process

Positivity and positive energy. Just Monitor your thoughts just like a third person, just watch don’t act immediately, then you will become more proactive and productive. You can automatically control your emotions. You will avoid more problems, that will help you to maintain your self-confidence.

Do it yourself!!!

Analyze yourself. Always it is good to go with self-analysis, so that you can develop your attitude, focus on your strength and work on it.

Through your habits

Your habits are the root cause of your Success. With the help of your good habits only you can enjoy, rejoice and retain your success. Your thoughts will come out as your habits, your habits will come out as your character, almost reflect in all walks of your life.

Stop scaring about failures

Many people are worrying about the failures and dedicating their time for worrying, but the people who overcome the failure with new action steps will achieve remarkable success. Then they are realizing them as achievers.

Without failure no one can touch or taste the success, so it understood that failure is the part of the “Success journey”. The journey will not be interesting without failures. At the same times try to be aware of the overconfidence in your work. The failure should not take you to extreme level, to avoid that only “the analysis for the scope of your work” is needed.

The need of the hour is “How to face failures”

  • It may be marks for students who are looking for important turning point in their life.
  • It may be a loss of relationship, because of controversies or death.
  • It may be a loss of job that gives bitter experience in your life.
  • People are ignoring or misunderstanding and troubling you continuously.

Like wise there may be many reasons in your life. Keep all those things away from you, don’t allow it to hurt you. Put it into the dustbin as it is not going to be useful in any way. It will consume more time and waste your energy.

  • Try to realize that it is you giving permission to disturb you with your own thoughts. Try to defeat yourself and come out of the shell.
  • Try to find your good thoughts, develop it and sustain in it.
  • Don’t allow that good thought to go away from you.
  • Whenever you are feeling low in self-confidence, identify the cause of the problem, replace it immediately with your good thought and work.
  • When the situation is pulling you down, you try to push you up.
  • Try to hear or read successful stories of great personalities, about how they deal the problems with new ideas, overcome the failures and reach success.

 Try to ignore the rejections and refusal.

Even though refusals are there, you have your own values. Work on your values, develop the skills and you will become more appealing.

Be ready to adopt the change that comes from your success

Some people are attaining success but not ready or worry to adopt the needed changes that is coming along with the success. As a result even though they attain success they are not able to proceed further.

Try to be Self-Motivated

Read at least one self-motivational quote daily, memorize it, try to write with your own handwriting, that muscle training will fix the good thought in your brain. In course of time, definitely you will start to write better motivational quotes. Retain the good memories with good people in your brain locker.  That will boost your self-confidence.

Try to Build and maintain your SELF CONFIDENCE

Building Self Confidence and maintain it through out our life is highly needed to develop your skill in your profession. In our professional life, we need lot of skills, we need to communicate lot of people with different intelligence. When we maintain good Self-Confidence, we can meet the demands of different skills that helps to lead a powerful and effective communication. With good communication you can be a Successful person and you can help others too, to attain Success.

Rethink about your Achievements

No matter it is small or big, rethink about your achievements in your life. it will help you to maintain your self confidence and boost your POSITIVE ENERGY.  Now a days, people are concentrating more on writing and meditating Positive Affirmations, that will help you to focus and build your confidence in your work. Scientific proof is given in Oxford Academic Journal about the functionality of Self Affirmations.

Acknowledge yourself and your self confidence

Clap yourself for your first action step for engaging yourself with this topic “SELF CONFIDENCE”. Convert this pandemic time as your “GROWING TIME”. Enjoy more with Edujem in future.

Gift of Self confidence

The Self confident person can become an influencer. The people with Self confidence can inspire others easily. You will attract more self confident people in your life.

Final word :

“Self Confidence is the key to unlock your potential growth in your life”.

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