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             I feel, I am writing a special article because, it is the world’s powerful topic,  the king of any communication, that is “CONTENT”. Words are powerful ruler of the world.

Even the GOD’s messages are in the form of “Content”. Scriptures, psalms, Verses, Holy Books, Suras, Hadhees, Slogas whatever it may be, it is created by using the powerful words. Undoubtedly words are mantras that cultivate or irrigate your thoughts. Add values to thoughts. Powerful words are called mantras, in the same way the powerful words used in online are called Keywords.

Humans are showing their affection, love, anger, hatred, stress and all feelings through emotions. It is very important to handle the words to handle the humans. When you use right words in the right time. You will Win People’s heart. Your Intellect is acknowledged by your valuable words.

Some important aspects of Content writing is

  • Keywords
  • Headlines
  • Language
  • Content flow
  • Reader’s Attention
Can We imagine the world without words?

Certainly not, you need words to express yourself. The positive attitude is shown through powerful words. Even when people start the fight, they used to point out your words which you have used previously, not to your thoughts directly, they will fight for the words only.

If we use words with little low respect, those words only will hook on their minds, then they will evaluate the communication through the words which we have used.

So the words which we use are determining our communication with others.

We are learning lot of words in our schooling and higher studies. But to  create the content effectively, we need to follow the unwritten rules to meet the people. Content should be people friendly, it should be normal and point of sharing knowledge with others.

Different age of people are going to consume your content, they should like to continue to use your content. And one more thing, the content is available in different format in the online, as it is like a ocean of source, try to be as much as friendly with your users.

We can use different type of tools to write effective Content.

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                  Keyword plays an important role for any type of content. For example, You may Narrate a story, Product review, Explanatory notes, Prepare reports or results, Technical writing for a concept and etc.

Your theme or main concept will be represented by the Keywords.

Based on the need you can include the keywords in an appropriate manner. Purposeful insertion of keywords which is not in appropriate places will decrease your value in online.

Your keyword insertion should support SEO concepts for optimization.

When you right for your clients, they will update it online. Even if you are not an SEO expert, you should aware about the SEO Concepts to support your client.

You can learn about HTML language, at least the basics before you enter into SEO concepts. If you have learnt any one computer language, you can understand the concepts easily.

Step by step you can develop your SEO skills, then you will come to know how to spread your content in the web page based on the technical aspects of a web page and web designing.

Software tools are available to analyze about the keywords, it will help you to know the available content in on-line, then you can gather different information for your keywords and create a better content.

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Head Line

I often think about the magazines, some concepts will be well structured around the head line.

The headline can be problem statement or the solution you are providing for a particular problem, can be used as headlines.

When you come for SEO concepts, you may need many headline to spread in different places.

Just like keyword you can use software tools to analyze the strength of your headline.

Headline generators will give a detailed report about your Headlines.


Language is the most significant factor in Human’s Life.

Maximum English is going to be the first choice for most of the people. Actually, it is good to write in English, to reach beyond the small circle of one language. Concentrate on Tenses in English to avoid the maximum mistake.

Try to use tools like Grammarly to avoid even the unnoticed mistakes.

The more you read, the more you can write an effective content. Learn from native speaker. One of my favorite  Tutor is Lisa Mojsin, She is a famous Language Tutor in America. When we learn from native speakers, you can pick up the language effectively with out taking hard steps.

Content Flow

                Content flow will help to engage the reader without losing their interest. Yes, you are right, think about the script writers, Lyricist, your favorite dialogue, poem, doha etc. It is giving interest, increasing your enthusiasm and curiosity to finish it.

The content which is placed in the right context will be more successful to reach more people.

           With the help of the good content only human beings are achieving more in the life.

Of course, it is a long way to go, try to aware about the guidelines and limitations to travel in the Online Industry.

Once you cross that stage, you will feel more comfortable in online work.

You must read the Guidelines of Google 

On line field is used to change rapidly, so always try to keep track of the products, companies and their announcements to update yourself.

Reader’s Attention

Holding the reader’s attention till the end of the article is very important. When you are giving updated and valuable information, definitely the readers will pay attention to your content.

Try to write for the readers by standing in their place. Try to avoid the informations which is misguiding the readers. i think that, they should have the right informations than the comfortable words. Some words may give comfortable for our self satisfaction, but it will not be useful or it will not give any improvement in their path.

Content writing is the beginning of Online journey with 1000 miles, your each and every effort will make a good move towards your victory, give more confidence. After you become familiar with content writing, you should move to copy writing. We should learn the difference between content writing and copy writing before we use the designation as Content Writer or Copy Writer.

Select your favorite topic in which you have the passion, collect the related information in online, have an analysis about your topic, read the related books, find the famous people in that field, learn from their journey.

In SEO terms, that topic will be referred as “Niche”. Even though health, wealth and relationship niches are on the top, you can take some creative efforts for your niche and bring innovation in the online area.

Be available for your customer as source of information, try to help your readers, customers or prospects beyond the expectations.

Join with like minded people, start from comments move on to reviews, blogging, create group, share your thoughts with your group members, renew your thoughts with more positivity, be supportive to one another.

After you start to work for others……………….

You will not only become Writer, You will become Creator !!!

Do you want to start your online writing journey?

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