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Gaurav Gurbaxani is a Pune based guy and successful freelancer in India. He is Well known for Gig Economy. People are fond of calling him as GG. As “GG” is also referring the expansion GoodGame, the Good Game is also available when you work with him.


Go through Gaurav’s reviews and pen your autographs for our memories. Try to know about his service for Digital Marketing.

He is the owner of the website  In his website, he has given lot of access to the digital marketers to find products and services. He is permitting the marketers to launch their product using sell product option.

As I participated in his 31for 31 challenge, I had the chance to see his goal setting for finishing stage and new goals for the new beginning. He used to give lot of new insights in digital marketing. He used to analyse the people and their problems then will find a better solution for that.

He has amazing community of people, they are also providing their contribution to enlighten one another in the online community. Malathi, Cathy Noel, Karen,  Bhushan Kumar, Arun Chattopadhyay, Milind, Ragavendra and many more.  Malathi Mam used to handle the class for GG, Cathy will collaborate with GG for writing his book F – Ready, Many people has pre ordered the book. GG used to inspire the people by providing good chances. One day Binod Sir took class and conducted online test, that made us how far we ready to work. Arun Chattopadhyay and Milind contribute more in the Forum.

We cannot forget the event of “Secret Santa“, First he planned to set the event within the group, then he preferred to make it as a give away for the needy, all of us encouraged his decision, from my point of view also that decision is very perfect because, some may give more and get less sometimes, but when it is going to reach the needy beyond the faces and limitations everyone will get satisfied and honoured for their effort.

His digital give aways are highly useful to develop the skills to work in Online. Example: digital cheat sheet, Onlinebusiness check list, mind maps and more.

In the Digital Market Place, Online experts, Corporate experts like Karen, writing experts like Soujanya, Ads and video expert Ragavendra, SEO expert Nagesh, Sahid, Alagirisamy Copywriting expert and more people are Collaborating and Contributing to the Online Work.

Then I should not miss to tell about the Page for each one, when you get a page, separate permalink will be provided with your name, I feel little bit worrying that I didn’t use it effectively but you should not miss it. That’s why I am writing about that here. Try to play around in his digitalmarket, take part in each event, then you will learn more.

Chat option will help you to communicate with your fellow marketers easily, even the messages will come in the notification for later access.

Try to use the workspace option to create a group for your work or for friends ( for like minded people) he is allowing all kind of people without discrimination. The workspace will give exposure to communicate one another in an effective way.

Money is the interesting factor in our life as it is rotating us and revolving us always, no one can forget it, here it is available with the word of wallet that fill your pocket.

His will help a lot for entrepreneurs. He has collaborated with

What is Gig Economy?

One of the definitions for GIG is Global Investment Group, the gig economy gets its name from each piece of work being akin to an individual ‘gig‘. The worker who is following this economy or the type of work are called GIG Worker or Gigster. It can be a replacement term for freelancer also.

The gig economy is a popular term for freelance or contract workers who take freelance jobs on-demand, and are often working multiple freelance jobs at once. These multiple freelance jobs are referred to as “gigs,” thus the name the gig economy.

Hopefully, as the independent work economy continues to grow and advance, the workplace of tomorrow will have a bright future ahead. It’ll be a future abundant in flexibility, choice, and opportunity. In this bright future of gig economy, everyone wins.

As India is rising in Gig Economy, and is a very good platform for Gigsters in India. When you work on this definitely India will come on the top, in Gig Economy also.

Try to make use of the best time in his market place and achieve more. Try to stick to him and get more.

He is capable of giving a lot. One example is his birthday webinar. Even if I missed the webinar, I keeping his data

Here I am going to share that with you,

As I am turning 36 I am looking at giving away

36 things off my best stuff.

So here is what the birthday broadcast is all about:

· 36 Pizzas delivered home to lucky winners (Wherever Dominoes Delivers)

· 36 digital marketing checklists (That’s what I am really good at)

· 36 Live Audits for Business Owners (Yes my consulting)

· 36 Well Wisher Spotlight (From Partners, Customers, Case Studies)

· 36 Tools You Must Use (2020 and the way forward)

· 36 Backlinks You Must Build (Crush it with SEO with these links from me)

· 36 articles you must write (Bucket-list to make you successful)

· 36 movies you must watch (yes, this list can change your mindset)

· 36 Career Options for you (Blogs, Affiliates, E-Commerce, Gigs, Coaching)

· 36 Books you should read (Podcasts or books)

· 36 people you should interview (Become an Influencer in Your space)

· 36 Social Media Posts (To Make your a Social Media Rockstar)

· 36 Emails To Write (Setup and Forget) (Money still in the list)

· 36 Video’s to Make (Go Live, Share your Message, Animate)

· 36 Gigs To Outsource (Feeling Lazy? This is what I do)

Would you be interested in attending my 36’th online birthday party?
As you can imagine I only turn 36 once. So we gotta make this big.

So reply back if you would like a formal invitation to the birthday broadcast starting Oct 5.



The above is his birthday webinar give away, he taught how to bid and outsource by analyzing the data in online, by referring the social media handle, how to create impact with multimedia content like audio and video. He used to ask our own open contact with our video message to the customers for giving review. In 2021 video messages are so effective for any kind of work to show your GIG.

The month of December is a delightful month for me, Morning 7.00 A.M definitely I will think about this webinar series, and worrying that I am going to miss it in future.

Gig Guru’s Ultimate Package link reference, Package name is “DM Execution Package”

Final  words “digitalmarket” is a kick start to your online career, it will give lot of good dimension and add values to your business.

Thank you.

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